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Business Development Consulting
Business Development Consulting

Successful business development requires an understanding of marketing trends, sales strategies and the practical application of new technology. Kel-Star Consulting  business development offerings are designed to maximize our clients investment, improve "winning" opportunities and drive revenue growth.

Kel-Star helps our customers uncover demand for products or services. After an initial consultation to determine specific client needs, Kel-Star guides clients through a process targeted to make their  business more successful and profitable. Kel-Star specializes in developing business opportunities through intense capture management research and market studies.

The Kel-Star approach  focuses on understanding:

  • Business, marketing, and technology priorities.
  • Evaluation of staff skill sets and future plans for staffing and employee development
  • Training  and application development needs
  • Preferred sources of information for trends, technology, and market intelligence
  • Preferred contracting method of payment
  • Current and future spending expectations
  • Unique requirements for specific application

7501 Greenway Center Drive, Temple Hills, Maryland 20770 Tel:202-460-7031

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